Overweight kids and dogs

Obese Kids and Fat Dogs Break My Heart

I know, I know…I’m stepping in it when I even mention the term “obese or fat kids.” But I’m willing to take the arrows in the back. Like most parents, I love kids and I also love dogs.  And with this post, I’m challenging YOU to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

By now, you know the official statistics.  According to the CDC, about 33% of the children in the U.S. are significantly overweight or obese and the percentage is increasing each year, same for adults. Walk around any mall and you’ll see it’s probably closer to 50%.

  When I see obese kids and fat dogs, I well-up and want to cry. Yeah, I guess I’m a “wimp” in that regard. It does break my heart because regardless of age, I know the kid is living in hell and the poor dog is not going to live very long. And neither has any control over their situation. It’s not their damn fault!

  And by the way, with respect to kids, I’m not talking about a “chubby” or slightly overweight kid…I’m focused on the ones that are truly obese. You know, the ones that all the other kids tease, torment, bully, post ugly stuff on Facebook about, pick last for the team, never invite to birthday parties; the ones that hate to get up in the morning and go to school; the ones that hide in their room, play sick, play computer games all day and night, never go outside to play or ride a bike or play sports, the ones that have few if any friends, maybe those kids should go out and try http://www.thenothinkdietreview.net/. Let’s assign blame, shall we? If you are the parent of an obese kid, my guess is you blame the school, TV, computers, advertising, family genetics, your spouse or maybe even the kid. Sure, there may be an element of truth with all those excuses but the bottom line is they are all just that…excuses. The real truth is, as a parent YOU ARE TO BLAME!  (Ouch!)

  I know that is a little blunt and in-your-face but stripping away all the rhetoric, you know it’s the truth. Kids and dogs eat what is put in front of them by the adult in the room – YOU.  Yes, they may whine, whimper, and beg. That’s what kids and dogs do. It’s up to YOU to teach, train, and educate your kids and dogs about good nutrition, portion control and exercise.

  The most important thing you can ever do for your overweight child is to help them get healthy and down to a normal weight.  And you don’t do this by yelling and screaming at them…you do this by putting your arms around them, loving them, talking to them and most importantly, leading by example.

  If you have a weight problem yourself, learn how to lose weight and adopt a healthy lifestyle. Get active physically and look for opportunities to do things together. Make it your life’s mission to do this for your child. He or she deserves your every effort. You can do this and you MUST do this.

  Your dog needs your attention too. Quit feeding your dog people food and take them for a walk every day…you both will live longer.

If you don’t have an obese kid of your own, adopt one. I’ll bet you have a family member or close friend who has one…make it a priority to find someone you can help. Maybe you, a family member or a friend